America's Choice Readers Service is a family owned and operated reading service.
We provide all this at one low, interest-free, monthly payment.
Why ordering the American Reader way is the only way:

Easy monthly payments
No interest charges
No shipping charges
No taxes payable on your order
Huge selection- 100 titles to choose from
Switch or add selections
Frozen rates guaranteed in writing
We handle ALL service to your account
Ordering is easy
We are an experienced and reputable reading service company

America's Choice Readers Service is a reading service industry leader. We have serviced over one million satisfied subscribers. Because we are a family owned and operated service we have spent a lifetime servicing our valued members. We are able to focus our attention on the details of our subscriber's needs and wants, and we fulfill those needs. With our experience as reading service professionals, the family carries forward the proud tradition of providing the best periodicals to America along with the benefits offered by our Reading Service Plan.
The Reading Service Plan was born out of the consumers' need to have more than just a cash subscription. America's Choice helped create a better solution with our all-inclusive service. There are several things that are unique to our Reading Service Plan. America's Choice enters your order, for the full term, with the various publishers. This freezes your rate so that no matter how high the price and postal increases go, your rate is frozen for the full duration of your service and we provide that guarantee in writing. If a subscriber requires a change of address or has any other service issues there is no need to write a letter to the publishers. America's Choice maintains a computer link with the publishers so all the servicing to your account is taken care of by us. You can reach Member Services 24 Hours a day from your computer.
Because we are a reading service, you have the option to change your selections immediately. If your reading interests change, simply give us a call or log on to the web site. You may adjust your selection to one of our 100 different titles without affecting your price.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve your reading needs. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service we welcome the feedback.